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Иосиф Исаевич Гительзон

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Scientific Degrees:
Full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Academician).
Doctor of Medicine (M.D.).
Ph.D. (Biology).
Professor of Biophysics.
Full member of the International Academy of Astronautics.
Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.
Founding member of the Russian Academy of Ecology.
Title and contacts
Department of Biophysics
Professor of Biophysics
+7 3912 434623
Research interests

Environmental biophysics
Closed ecosystems
Bioluminescence, biotechnology

Selected publications

Man-Made Closed Ecological Systems (with GM Lisovsky and RD MacElroy), Taylor & Francis, 2002, 416 pp.
'Bioluminescent Signal System: Bioluminescence Immunoassay of Pathogenic Organisms' (with L. Frank, S. Markova, N. Remmel and E. Visotsky), Luminescence, 22, 2007, pp. 215-220.
'A Bioluminescent Signal System: Detection of Chemical Toxicants in Water' (with E. Vetrova, E. Esimbekova., N. Remmel, S. Kotova, N. Beloskov, and V. Kratasyuk), Luminescence, vol 22 (3), 2007, pp. 206 – 214.
'The Role of Volatile Metabolites in Microbial Communities of the LSS Higher Plant Link' (with L.S. Tirranen), Advances in Space Research 2006, 38, pp. 1227-1232.
'Volatile Metabolites of Higher Plants Crops as a Photosynthesizing Life Support Systems Component Under Temperature Stress at Different Light Intensities' (with A.A. Tikhomirov, O.V. Parshina, S.A. Ushakova, and G.S. Kalacheva), Adv. Space Res. vol 31, (7), 2003, pp. 1781-1786.
'Self-Restoration as Fundamental Property of CES Providing Their Sustainability' (with A.G.Degermendzhy and E.K. Rodicheva) Adv. Space Res. vol 31 (7), 2003, pp. 1641-1648.

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