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Scientific English Camp  

Opening ceremony
Opening ceremony
This summer I got a great oppoturnity – to train in English Summer Camp. I was third-year student. My expectations in attending the camp were just to improve my English. There was good motivation for science student. Unfortunately my native language can not be lingua franca for me and most of colleagues. And actually English was our every moment activity – in the classroom and in the dining room, in communication with teachers and students.

In class
In class
I would love to thank both of them if my English has improved. But it was not the only result of my training. Because we taught the language acquiring useful skills and discussing important topics. Important for us as for researches.

So, what did this a scientific English camp?

Poetry club
Poetry club
Of course, we did not perfomed experiments. But we have learned some things which are as important for scientist as well. Some things which we did not learn in the university.
You need to be able to present your work to your colleagues. Incredibly charismatic teacher told us how to make your report listened open-mouthed. And we tried to do it every lesson geting valuable feedback. The biggest challenge in this course was the final conference. Prepare a scientific presentation in English in one night and present it in the morning. It makes you feel more confident.

Dr. Wes Bradford  at the closing ceremony
Dr. Wes Bradford at the closing ceremony
You need to be able to understand your colleagues’ work. Nobody explained it to me in my other studies. In Camp Dr. Wes Bradford taught us to read papers in English efficiently. Dr. Wes Bradford is Chief Scientist and author of over 50 publications.
You need to establish relations with your colleagues. I know I could learn how to write a letter to an important person or make a CV eventually without special training. But we discussed these issues with real scientists. And we got not only some tools for building of successful career but some ideas about image of successful modern researcher. For example, we talked about collaboration with Dr. Atsushi Inoue. He is engaged in projects in several laboratories in different countries. It's exciting when you see that this is real!

Of course, I said not everything. We did amazing things 20 hours a day. We learned, knew each other and ourselves. So I discovered I can write a poem in English in five minutes. And I really want to learn English. For example now I take some courses online from Stanford University (https://www.coursera.org/#about ).

I thank teachers for new knowledge and aspiration for new knowledge!

Chernobrovkina Daria,
student of IFB&BT

Tour Yaroslavl - of couse in English!
Tour Yaroslavl - of couse in English!

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