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05 октября 2017
Цикл лекций визит-профессора Рольфа Зигвольфа из Института Пауля Шерера (PSI), Берн, Швейцария  

Лекции визит-профессора Рольфа Зигвольфа посвящены использованию стабильных изотопов в экологических исследованиях.
Лекции будут проходить в аудитории 44-12 по адресу пр.Свободный, 79.

Stable isotopes in ecological research
9 октября, понедельник – 14:10-17:35 Introduction, Definitions, Applications
11 октября, среда – 10:15-13:35-Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopes in the ecosystem
12 октября, четверг - 12:00-13:35 Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotopes, from the ocean to the plants and soil
18 октября, среда - 12:00 Answering questions and discussions

«As a plant ecophysiologist I use stable isotopes to study the response of plants to environmental impacts. I am particularly interested in the effects of environmental changes on C, H2O fluxes and growth patterns. The variations of stable isotope ratios as a sensitive tool are instrumental in the investigation of plant responses to environmental changes. All the more I am interested in isotopic fractionations, their drivers and mechanisms in plant metabolic processes»
• Application of stable isotopes in plant physiological, ecosystem and environmental processes
• Carbon and water relations on plant and ecosystem level, such as effects of elevated CO2
• Vegetation response to a globally changing environment
• Plant response to chronic and acute stress conditions
• Tree physiology, its short and long term water and carbon balance

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