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The history of Institute  

The Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology started with the team of SFU and institutions of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. This team was formed in 1999 after receiving a grant «Basic Research and Higher Education» of Russian-American program CRDF and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

The project «Fundamentals of Ecologization of Education and Technology» is one of the first selected in the competition program CRDF and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation in the context of high competition among the universities of Russia: 86 applications for 3 grants.

Research and Education center "Yenisei" was organized for implementing the project "The fundamentals of ecologization of education and technologies". The scientific director of this center is academician J.I. Gitelzon.

Educational ideas and scientific achievements of scientifically-educational center became the basis of innovative educational program «The establishment and development of the Department of Physicochemical Biology and Fundamental Ecology», carried out in the Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology SFU.

The scientific director of the Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology of SFU is academician I.I. Gitelzon.

Information about the Gitelzon’s Research School can be found at the site of SFU.

Scientific researches conducted in IBB&BT are high-rated among the critical world-class technologies, they correspond to the goals, objectives and development level of science and technology of RF and to the list of critical technologies of the Russian Federation. This list was approved by the President of the Russian Federation on the 21st May 2006 and includes such priority areas as: 02 «Living Systems» and 03 «Industry of nanosystems and materials». And also these scientific researches are performed in one of the priority areas of development of educational and research activities of SFU - the biophysical environment and biotechnology.
Academician Joseph Isaevich Gitelzon became 80 years old

July 6, 2008 is 80 year old birthday and 55 year anniversary of scientific and educational activities of Academician Joseph Isaevich Gitelzon who is a councillor in the Institute of Biophysics of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.

A doctor and a biologist by training, I.I. Gitelzon is a known and recognized expert in the field of biophysics.
His diverse work of the biophysical methods of analysis of erythrocyte populations and the regulation of blood, parametric management of biosynthesis of microbial populations and closed ecological systems, human livelihoods, biophysical monitoring of the environment and bioluminescent analysis techniques are widely known in Russia and abroad.

I.I. Gitelzon and academician Ivan Terskov are the founders of the Institute of Biophysics of SB RAS in Krasnoyarsk.
They created a new trend in biophysics of supraorganism systems that gave an opportunity of integrated approach to the diagnosis of the state of ecological systems of different organization levels and complexity.

The field studies of bio-luminosity of the oceans were performed under his guidance.
Scientific and social projects such as «Ecology of the greatest rivers of the world» («Pure Yenisei»), the program «Chlorophyll in the biosphere» ( «Green wave»), supported by UNESCO, the Russian Academy of Science and the National Astronautical Federation of USA, the Russian Foundation for Basic Research etc. were developed on I.I. Gitelzon’s initiative.

I.I. Gitelzon provides a great educational work, he is one of the founders of the Krasnoyarsk State University, and he has coached dozens of doctors and candidates of science.
He is regularly invited to lecture at universities in Europe, America and Japan.
Currently I.I. Gitelzon is a scientific director of the Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology of the Siberian Federal University and of the Research and Education center «Yenisei».

II Gitelzon is widely known to the international scientific community as a researcher and organizer of science, the permanent party congresses IAF, COSPAR, he was elected a member of the International Academy of Astronautics, a member of the editorial boards of several international publications, he is in charge of great scientific and social work as a member of the Joint Scientific Council on Biological Sciences, SB RAS , a number of scientific boards of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

He was awarded the Red Banner of Labor, Friendship of Nations, Sign of Honor, "For Merit" IV degree.

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