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Biological Engineering  

The Head of the programme: Valentina Aleksandrovna Kratasyuk, Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Head of Department of Biophysics of Siberian Federal University

Kratasuk Valentina Aleksandrovna

Professor, D.Sc.
Head of the Chair for Biophysics
Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of Siberian Federal University,
Tel: +7(3912)44-08-41, 78-56-43, 49-56-42
Fax: +7(3912) 44-87-81


The purpose of the programme: The Program is aimed at students having background in natural science and wishing to master contemporary methodology of scientific research in order to pursue career in the field of biological engineering.
The program is designed with emphasis on practical skills development and students work in the modern Laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnologies. This laboratory was established through the collaboration of the world’s strongest team of scientists engaged in fundamental research of light emission by living organisms, i. e. bioluminescence, and the Nobel Laureate Professor Osamu Shimomura.

More information about the programme can be found here

If you think that 2 years is too much to study the bioluminescence, you can enroll for our Specialized English-Taught International Semester Program to try it out.

Key courses:

  • Bioluminescent biotechnologies
  • Physics and chemistry of bioluminescence
  • Photobiophysics
  • Biological engineering

Interested to know how it feels to be a student at this programme? Here you can read what our current students think about it. Also you can follow the news of the programme on this website. And of course in our Facebook group.

Duration: 2 years (120 ECTS)
Language of instruction: English

Admission requirements  

  • Bachelor's degree in Biology, Physics, Biophysics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Environmental Sciences or equivalent (a copy of your diplomas from previous university studies and transcripts of completed courses and grades)
  • Good command of English (certificate or other official document , English level B1 (European Framework of Reference of Communicative Skills)
  • Skype interview
  • Motivation letter and letters of recommendation may also be required

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