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Master's degree program in Maintenance Technology of Nuclear Medicine and Medical Equipment  

Program Leader


Degree: Ph.D. in Biophysics
Academic title: Associated professor

Main features

Degree awarded - Master of Science

Length of the programme - 2 years

Number of credits - 120 ECTS credits

The aim
The aim of the program is to provide the students with the narrow-focused skills in technical maintenance of the devices and technologies in nuclear medicine. The Nuclear Medicine is rapidly developing field of the medicine. It requires the skilled specialists to maintain the processes of getting the specific radioactive materials and its application. The multistep procedure consists of the generation of the nuclear materials on cyclotron, preparation of organic molecules with the radioisotopes obtained, quality control of these radiopharmaceuticals and administering the dose for each patient individually. The present Master Program provides the specialists for each of these steps.


  • To give students the general background in nuclear medicine methods and devices

  • To provide students with the basic routines for nuclear medicine: generation of unstable atoms, radiopharmaceuticals synthesis, dose planning, delivering and control

  • To make students know and understand the basics of the nuclear medicine routines together with the understanding the nuclear safety basics

Learning outcomes
By the end of the program the students:

  • will have the competence to operate the medical cyclotrons with the generation of the basic isotopes for nuclear medicine

  • will be able to synthesize the basic radiopharmaceuticals for positron emission tomography

  • will develop the skills in planning and administering the dose for each patient individually

The learning outcomes depend on the specialization that the student will choose during the education.

Unique characteristics

The program is entirely integrated into the routine process in the Nuclear Medicine Center in the hospital. It provides the students with the unique possibility to obtain the experience of working in the real hospital well-equipped conditions.

Career prospects
The students obtain the competences that are highly demanded in the world. The Nuclear Medicine is the new, rapidly developing field of working and knowledge. The graduates of such the programs are required all over the world.

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