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About the Program

The program is available to graduate students and non-degree seeking professionals interested in dendrochronology. The program provides basic well-rounded training in fundamentals and applications of dendrochronology.

Dendrochronology studies growth rings or annual rings that can be seen in a cross section of tree stems and that are called as tree-rings. Dendrochronology can determine the exact calendar years in which tree rings were formed. Dendrochronological methods applied in ecology, climatology allow us to determine certain aspects of past environment. In archaeology, the history of art and architecture they are used to date old buildings and paintings on wood. One of the greatest achievements of tree-rings science is calibration of radiocarbon scale.

Program Leader

Eugene Vaganov
Professor, Doctor Habil. of Biological Sciences, author of more than 200 publications that were cited more than 2700 times.
Scopus h-index - 24.

Key Facts

Duration: 15 weeks

Beginning of studies: August 15, 2015

Language: English

Entry requirements: BSc degree in Biology or Environmental Sciences (transcript of records), good command of English (certificate or college record)

Credits: 30 ECTS

Training methods: lectures, case studies, laboratory work,
group discussions

Teaching staff: SibFU faculty members and visiting professors.

Application deadline: March 31, 2015

Program cost: 2,350 Euro. The program cost includes a tuition fee, a city tour, a tour of the National park “Stolby” in the city outskirts and an optional survival course of Russian as a foreign language. All arriving students are picked up at the airport or railway station by a University transport. The cost does not include accommodation and living expenses.

On-campus accommodation:
Cost 2015: en-suite self-catering university hall accommodation 45 euro per month (single-occupancy); 30 euro per month (double-occupancy).

For the applicants needing a visa to enter Russia a letter of support from the University will be offered at the Department of International Cooperation. For more detailed information please contact Ms Olga Kuznetsova, Head of the Department, at [ show email ]


Functional xylem anatomy and physiology of tree growth 4 ECTS
Dendrochronology: history, concepts and methods 3 ECTS
Season growth and structure of tree-rings 4 ECTS
Practical dendroclimatology and dendroecology 5 ECTS
Biogeochemical cycles and tree-rings 4 ECTS
Tree-ring modeling 4 ECTS
Research project 6 ECTS

More information?

Please contact Dr. Irina Sviderskaya, Associate Professor.
E-mail: [ show email ]

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