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The academic programme for Biology and Physics has three levels of education:  
Educational programes  

Siberian Federal University is embarking on a network program in Biophysics  

A workshop regarding a startup of new network program “Biophysics” took place in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University on May, 16.

Siberian Federal University
Siberian Federal University
At the meeting, coordinators of the Master's program discussed the arrangements for organizing of students’ academic mobility, funding of researches, travelling practices. Master’s degree students enrolled at the University in 2014 will be able to study in the network study program.

In Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of SibFU the Master’s program will be implemented based on laboratory “Bioluminescent Biotechnology”, established under supervision of Nobel prizewinner, professor Osamu Shimomura. The Center of Nonlinear Chemistry established under a supervision of biophysicist professor Vladimir Vanaga, will be a foundation for the Master’s program at IKBFU. Research advisers of program will be Professor, D.Sc Biological Sciences, Head of Biophysics Department of SibFU Valentina Kratasyuk and Director of Center of Nonlinear Chemistry of IKBFU, Professor, D.Sc. Physical Sciences Vladimir Vanag .

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University
Implementation of network Master's program involves the use of joint educational resources - teaching materials, electronic library, and equipment. Five undergraduates will be able to enter one of the universities in the Master’s program "Biophysics"; moreover every student will have a part of the training at another university. Apart from students’ mobility, qualified teaching staff and unique competences, there is one more feature that characterizes network educational programs: subjects are written in Diploma Supplement with mentioning of university, where these subjects were examined.

The network Master’s program “Biophysics” contains 3 basic and 4 variable network modules. Variable network modules, prepared by each university, are well-structured educational blocks. One third of module volume is subjects which are chosen by student. Within a Master’s program “Biophysics” IKBFU provides such modules as Bioinformatics, Nonlinear Sciences, Genomics and Proteomics; SIbFU provides Biological Engineering and Bioluminescent Technologies. Also students do scientific research, educational and research practice in both universities. Students have a unique opportunity to do scientific research with scientists from different universities. Moreover, it is planned as a joint supervision of students’ researches and final theses.

In the future there is possibility to collaborate with foreign universities, particularly from Germany and Spain.

International Semester Program «Biological Engineering» - english-taught module of Master’s program «Biophysics»  

Siberian Federal University (SibFU) offers International Semester Program «Biological Engineering» — english-taught module of Master’s program «Biophysics» for students wishing to specialise in contemporary biological and biophysical problems.

The primary objective of the program is to apply the contemporary concepts and methodology of the physical sciences to the solution of biological problems. This semester-long program is delivered in English and is a part of a 2-year Master degree program “Biophysics”.

The program is realized at the laboratory "Bioluminescent Biotechnologies" established in the Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnologies (IFB&BT) of Siberian Federal University under the supervision of the leading scientist the Nobel Laureate Prof. Osama Shimomura.

It is suitable for students looking for a study-abroad opportunity, besides academic knowledge and skills it offers immersion into local life and culture through close integration with in-country students, provision of on-campus accommodation, a free course of Russian as a foreign language and complimentary cultural events.

This program is integrated in educational process, developed according the European requirements and can be recognized as a semester abroad.

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. This phenomena is used as a tool for studying of biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and biotechnology whereas it opens an opportunity to visualize many of biological and physical processes.


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