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31 May 2019
Be aware of climate change  

Our partner university - Rhine - Waal University (Germany) invites university teachers to take part in the movement organized by the “scientists4future”. The action is called #LecturesForFuture, the idea behind this action is to raise the awareness of the changes induced by the global warming. During this action you are asked to replace the content of a curricular / existing course with the topic connected with man-made climate change and its consequences. The sharing of pictures or videos of the events by the students in the social media under the hashtag #LecturesForFuture is highly appreciated. You are free to choose any topic, the only important thing is that the entire lecture is held under the topic of global warming and it has the reference to the actual course (i.e Maths, Physics, History etc).

Ideally, this lecture/seminar is held on Friday, 14 June 2019.However, not all teachers have a suitable course on this date, so the period of the action runs until 20 June 2019.

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