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02 Oktober 2015
Nauka 0+  

Science festival "Nauka 0+" will be held in Krasnoyarsk city from 2 to 4th of October. The main idea of this year is light. Siberian Federal University is one of the main partners in this upcoming event. This year organisators prepared various captivating events such as interactive displays and exhibits, lectures from Nobel prize winners, a lot of quizzes and so on. "Nauka 0+" means science for everybody so we invite you, your friends and your family to explore up-to-date discoveries in science. During these days feel free to visit factories, universities, different laboratories and other places which are connected to science because now they are "open" for everyone. Don't miss the chance to discover science because today is not boring as you might think. Take your chance to know more about light and make new friends.

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