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24 November 2014
New practicum for Master’s degree students  

This semester Master’s degree students of the Department of Biophysics first have a course "Modern equipment and methods for the study of biological systems" on the basis of laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnology of SibFU.

They study theoretical foundations of different physic-chemical methods of investigation and implement these methods practically. Recently they have discharged and purified Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) by using affinity chromatography.

First of all it was necessary to discharge protein from genetically modified cells E.Coli. By using an ultrasonic disintegrator and the centrifuge students separated cytoplasm with GFP from all other cellular components. Then the protein solution was purified of by affinity chromatography on a column containing nickel ions. These ions interact with poly-histidin tag (His-tag) which is added to protein. Derived GFP will be used for record of energy transfer in bioluminescent systems that found a wide implementation in biomedical researches and molecular biology.

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