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Egor Sergeevich Zadereev

Leading Research Scientist
Krasnoyarsk Research Center
Akademgorodok 660036 Krasnoyarsk Russia

Tel: (3912) 494358
E-mail: [ show email ]

1999 Ph.D., Hydrobiology, Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Ph.D. thesis The role of population density in gamogenesis induction in Cladocera: Moina macrocopa as an example (phenomenology, parametric control)
1998 M.Sc., Environmental Sciences and Policy, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary
1994 M.Sc., Biophysics, Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk, Russia

1998-present Leading research scientist, Institute of biophysics, Krasnoyarsk Research Center
2016-present The Head of the group of science communications, Krasnoyarsk Research Center

2016-2016 The Head of the Institute of Biophysics SB RAS
2002-2016 Scientific secretary, Institute of Biophysics SB RAS
2002-2016 The Head of the Research field station at Shira lake

Saline lakes, environmental management, chemical interactions in aquatic ecosystems, population ecology, zooplankton

Siberian Federal University (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Visiting lecturer
Academic courses: Modern aquatic ecology; Environmental management
Central European University (Budapest, Hungary) MESPOM scholar (funded under Erasmus Mundus),
Academic course: Integrated Assessment and Modeling (April-May 2008)

2005 Curriculum development workshop for the grantees of Curriculum Resource Center, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, January 26-February 4
2003 (February-April) The Department of Food Web Studies, Centre for Limnology, Netherlands Institute of Ecology. Collaborative research.
2000 Curriculum Resource Center Fall Session “Environmental issues in countryside”, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, 7-14 December

2018 34rd SIL Congress, 19 - 24 August, Nanjing, China
2017 13th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, 21-25 August, Ulan-Ude, Russia
2017 Advanced International Academic Exchange on Salt Lakes and Salts, 7–12 May, Tianjin, China
2016 33rd SIL Congress, 31 July - 5 August, Torino, Italy
2014 11th Congress of Russian Hydrobiological Society, 22-26 September, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
2014 12th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, 14-18 July, Grand Epoch City, China
2013 32nd SIL Congress, 4-9 August, Budapest, Hungary
2012 3rd European Large Lakes Symposium, 8-12 October, Konstanz, Germany
2012 International conference “Salinity in biological sciences”, 27-29 February, Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
2011 French-Russian Seminar “Impact of climate change on the ecophysiology of freshwater organisms”, 7-9 September, Lyon, France
2011 11th International Conference on Salt lake Research, 9-14 May, Miramar, Argentina
2010 Swiss-Russian Seminar Cladocerans (Crustacea) as model organisms for ecological and evolutionary research: approaching the age of genomics, 8-10 November, Fribourg, Switzerland
2010 IV International Scientific Conference to commemorate Prof. G.G. Winderg "Modern problems of aquatic ecology", 11-15 October, St. Petersburg, Russia
2009 10th Congress of Russian Hydrobiological Society, September, Vladivostok, Russia
2007 30th SIL Congress, August, Montreal, Canada
2005 7th International Symposium on Cladocera, September 5-9, Herzberg, Switzerland
2005 The European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology, July 18-22, Dresden, Germany
2004 29th SIL Congress, August 8-14, Lahti, Finland
2002 8th International Conference on Salt Lake Research, July 23-26, Khakasia, Russia
2002 NATO Advanced Research Workshop "Artemia Biodiversity in the Newly Independent States: Current Global Resources and their Sustainable Exploitation", July 17-19, Moscow, Russia
1998 4th International conference “Crustacea and Biodiversity Crisis”, July 20-27, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
1996 International workshop "Environment and Interaction", November 18-19, Porto, Portugal.

2015-2017 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant 15-04-05199
2010-2012 Ministry of Science and Education of Russian Federation, Project No. № 14.740.11.0638
2008-2010 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant 08-04-00928
2007-2008 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant 07-04-96820
2004-2006 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant 04-04-48321
2004-2006 INTAS, Project 03-59-78
2004-2005 Grantee of CRC course development competition.
2004-2005 Ministry of Industry and Science of Russian Federation, Grant MK-1388.2004.4
2003 Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, Grant E02-2.0-28
2002-2003 Krasnoyarsk Regional Scientific Foundation, Grant 11F0029M
2000-2002 Russian Academy of Science, 6th competition for young scientists, Project 261
1999 Krasnoyarsk Regional Scientific Foundation & US Civilian Research and Development Foundation (CRDF), Grant 1M0040
1995-1996 Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Grant 95-04-11794


Gulati, Ramesh D., Zadereev, Egor S., Degermendzhi, Andrei G. (Eds.) (2017) Ecology of Meromictic Lakes. Springer International Publishing, 405 p.
Zadereev E.S. (2005) Applied environmental management: Principles and practices. Krasnoyarsk State University, Krasnoyarsk, 112 p. (In Russian)

Zadereev E.S. 2007. The Role of within Trophic Level Chemical Interactions in Diapause Induction: Basic and Applied Aspects. In: Diapause in Aquatic Invertebrates Theory and Human Use. (Eds. Victor R. Alekseev, Bart T. de Stasio and John J. Gilbert) Springer Netherlands, 197-206.

Lopatina, T.S., Zadereev, E.S., Oskina, N.A. and Petrichenkov, M.V., 2018. The Sensitivity of Resting Eggs of the Cladoceran Moina macrocopa to the Effect of Ionizing Radiation during the Reactivation of the Eggs. Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics. Vol. 480, No. 1, pp. 169-172.
Lopatina, T.S., Bobrovskaya, N.P., Oskina, N.A. and Zadereev, E.S., 2017. Comparative Study of the Toxic Effect of Cadmium and Nickel on the Active and Resting Stages of Cladoceran Moina macrocopa. Journal of Siberian Federal University. Biology, 10(3), pp.358-372.
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Lopatina T.S., E. S. Zadereev (2015) Assessment of the volatility and thermal stability of chemicals that stimulate females of Moina macrocopa (cladocera) to produce diapausing eggs. Russian Journal of Ecology. Volume 46, Issue 1, pp 103–108
Zadereev, E., Tolomeev, A. and Drobotov, A., 2014. Spatial and Seasonal Dynamics of Dissolved and Suspended Nutrients in the Water Column of Meromictic Lake Shira. Acta Geologica Sinica‐English Edition, 88(s1), pp.173-174.
Zadereev E.S., Tolomeev A.P., Drobotov A.V.,Kolmakova, A.A. (2014) Impact of weather variability on spatial and seasonal dynamics of dissolved and suspended nutrients in water column of meromictic Lake Shira. Contemporary Problems of Ecology. V. 7. No. 4. P. 384-396
Volkova E.N.; Zadereev E.S. (2012) Effect of methyl farnesoate on the change of the reproduction mode in Moina macrocopa (Cladocera). Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics. V. 447. I. 1. P. 282-285
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Robert Jellison, Yegor S. Zadereev, Priya Arora DasSarma, John M. Melack, Michael R. Rosen, Andrei G. Degermendzhy, Shiladitya DasSarma and German Zambrana. 2004. Conservation and Management Challenges of Saline Lakes: A Review of Five Experience Briefs. Lake Basin Management Initiative Thematic Paper. http://www.worldlakes.org/uploads/ISSLR_Review_of_Salt_Lakes.pdf

Aquatic ecology
International Aquatic Research
International Review of Hydrobiology
Journal of Limnology and Oceanography
Journal of Plankton Research
Knowledge & Management of Aquatic Ecosystems
Siberian Journal of Ecology
Journal of Siberian Federal University

2015 Bobrovskaya N.P. Siberian Federal University, Bachelor of Science degree (Biophysics)
2014 Bigasheva N.V. Siberian Federal University, Master of Science degree (Biology)
2014 Bukina E.M. Siberian Federal University, Master of Science degree (Biophysics)
2013 Arbuzov V.A. Siberian Federal University, Bachelor of Science degree (Biophysics)
2009 Drobotov A.V. Siberian Federal University, Master of Science degree (Biology)
2009 Volkova E.S. Siberian Federal University, Higher education degree (Biology)
2005 Lopatina T.S. Biological department, Krasnoyarsk State University. Higher education degree.
2001 Gubanov M.V. Biological department, Krasnoyarsk State University. Higher education degree.
2000 Prokopkin I.G. Physical department, Krasnoyarsk State University. Master of Science degree.
1999 Yegorov I.V. Biological department, Krasnoyarsk State University. Higher education degree.

International Society for Salt Lake Research (Vice-President)
Russian Hydrobiological Society

2017 13th International Conference on Salt Lake Research (Russia), Member of the International Organizing committee
2003, 2001 Vice-chairman of the organizing committee. Regional conferences “Youth and the way of Russia towards sustainable
development” (April 2001, October 2003, Krasnoyarsk)
2002 Member of the technical organizing committee of 8th International conference on salt lake research (Russia)

Scientific blogging at several blogs and web-sites

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