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Yaroslava Igorevna Perepechajj

I study at Master's degree in Institute fundamental biology of and Biotechnology, specialty reconstructive bioengineering.

1)in 2013 became the winner of the 7th international student extramural scientific-practical conference "The scientific community of students of the 21st century",Novosibirsk

2)took 3rd place in the 51-th International Scientific Student Conference "Student and scientific and technological progress", Novosibirsk 2013

3)took the 3rd place in the "medical chemistry, biochemistry and molecular medicine" at the 77th final of student scientific and practical conference with international participation on the 90th anniversary of Professor P.G.Makarov and his 90th birthday associate professor B.M. Zelmanovich, Krasnoyarsk 2013

4)in April 2014 took 1st place at the 10th All-Russian scientific and technical conference of students and young scientists "Youth and Science", Krasnoyarsk

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 2888  диплом и сертификат МНСК 2013
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 2887  конф. МНСК 2013
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 2883  биология_вид молекулы до биосферы
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 2054  международная эко. студ. конф.
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 2053  бт новых материалов 2
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