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Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies in BIOTECHNOLOGY OF NEW BIOMATERIALS  

The Head of the Doctoral and Post-Doctoral studies: Professor Tatyana Volova Doctor of Sciences (Biology), Professor, Head of Basic Department of Biotechnology of Siberian Federal University
The project is focused on the establishment of the Center of Biotechnology Excellence at Siberian Federal University; it includes fundamental research, educational and innovative activities in the field of biotechnology of new biomaterials.

The main directions of scientific researches:
* Physical and chemical bases of biological processes
*Physiology and biotechnology of chemolithotrophic microorganisms
*Cell and tissue engineering
*Biomedical Materials: synthesis of new materials, investigation of structure and properties, processing, determination of application areas.
* Synthesis of target products.

Our Faculty of Science has access to unique equipment and facilities for studying the BIOTECHNOLOGY OF NEW BIOMATERIALS .

International links:
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
BioGuard Research & Development, Inc
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
The Institute of Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Munster
EMPA – Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology


Ekaterina Igorevna Shishatskaya
Professor, D.Sc.
Specialist in the field of biomedicine and medical material science.
Research interests:
* Biodegradable polymers
* Tissue and cell engineering and transplantology
* Application of domestic PHAs in biomedicine – as scaffolds for proliferating cells, in guided tissue regeneration and controlled drug delivery.

Pyotr Viktorovich Mironov
Professor, D.Sc.
Specialist in physical and chemical research methods of biomolecules and biotechnology products.

Svetlana Vladislavna Prudnikova
Associate professor, Ph.D. in Biology
Research interests:
* Ecology and physiology of microorganisms
* Microbial biotechnology

Elena Nikolaevna Afanasova
Associate professor, Ph.D. in Biology

Anatoly Nikolayevich Boyandin
Associate professor, Ph.D. in Biology
Research interests:
* Biosynthesis, properties and common factors of the destruction of bacterial polyhydroxyalkanoates
* Physiology of luminescent microorganisms

Natalia Olegovna Zhila
Ph.D. in Biology
Senior researcher at the Research Department of SibFU
Research interests:
* Study of common factors of microbial synthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates of various composition and determination of interrelation between the conditions of cultivation and molecular weight and structure of the polymer.

Anastasiya Vladimirovna Goreva
Ph.D. in Biology, Researcher at the Research Department of SibFU
Research interests:
* Development of matrices for drug storage and construction of controlled drug delivery system from the polymers (PHA).

Elena Dmitriyevna Nikolayevfa
Research staff member of the R&D Department of Siberian Federal University.
Research interests:
* Testing of biomaterials for biocompatibility and cytotoxicity in cell cultures
* Research of viability and morphology of cells
* Cell cultures


Daria Syrvacheva
Anna Kuzmina
Anna Shumilova

6 months, since October 2012

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