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Staff of Department of Biophysics  

Kratasuk Valentina Aleksandrovna

Professor, D.Sc.
Head of the Chair for Biophysics
Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology of Siberian Federal University,
Tel: +7(3912)44-08-41, 78-56-43, 49-56-42
Fax: +7(3912) 44-87-81


Sukovataya Irina Egorovna

Ph.D. in Biology
Associate Professor, Department of Biophysics,
Deputy Director of the Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology,
Siberian Federal University

79 Svobodny pr., Room 32-13, 660041


Sviderskaya Irina Viktorovna

Biophysicist, graduated from Krasnoyarsk state university, Russia; Ph.D. in botany (1999), Biophysics );


Nemceva Elena Vladimirovna


1992-1998 – Krasnoyarsk State University, Department of Physics, Krasnoyarsk, Russia; Specialty: Biophysics

Scientific Degrees
2002 – Kandidatskaya degree (Ph.D.) in Biophysics, Institute of Biophysics,


Zadereev Egor Sergeevich

Leading Research Scientist
Krasnoyarsk Research Center
Akademgorodok 660036 Krasnoyarsk Russia

Tel: (3912) 494358
E-mail: [ show email ]

1999 Ph.D., Hydrobiology,


Zotina Tatyana Anatolevna


PH.D. (biological sciences)

Senior Research Scientist

Laboratory of Radioecology

Tel.: (3912) 494572

Fax: (3912) 433400

e-mail: [ show email ]

1989-1994 Krasnoyarsk State


Rogozin Denis Yurevich

Denis Y. Rogozin
Laboratory of Biophysics of Ecosystems
Institute of Biophysics
Akademgorodok 50 str. 50, 660036 Krasnoyarsk Russia
Tel: (3912) 495839

1998 Ph.D., Biophysics, Institute of


Belobrov Petr Ivanovich

Peter I Belobrov

To contact with me, please, write a letter to [ show email ]

User profiles with my main papers

Cited by


Professor Sergey Bartsev
tel: +7 3912 494328
E-mail: [ show email ]
Research interests:

* Biosphere stability
* Early stages of prebiotic chemical evolution
* Life support systems for long-duration manned space missions

Selected publications:

* 'On the Theoretical and Experimental Modelling of Initial Stages of Metabolism Formation in Prebiotic Systems' (with VV Mezhevikin), Paleontological Journal, vol 40, No 4, 2006, pp. S538-S542.
* 'Pre-Biotic Stage of Life Origin under Non-Photo Synthetic Conditions' (with VV Mezhevikin), Adv. Space Res., vol 35, No 9, 2005, pp. 1643-1647.
* 'Global Minimal Model of Long-Term Carbon Dynamics in the Biosphere' (with AG Degermendzhi, DV Erokhin), Doklady Earth Sciences, vol 401, No 2, 2005, pp. 326-329.
* 'Essence of Life and Multiformity of Its Realization: expected signatures of life', Adv. Space Res., vol 33, No 8, 2004, pp. 1313-1317.
* 'Systematic Approach to Life Support System Analysis and Integration' (with VV Mezhevikin and VA Okhonin), Adv. Space Res., vol 31, No 7, 2003, pp. 1823-1832.
* 'An Alternative Approach to Solar System Exploration Providing Safety of Human Mission to Mars', Adv. Space Res., vol 31, No 1, 2003, pp. 17-24.

Professor Nikolai Pechurkin
E-mail: [ show email ]
Research interests:

* Ecology
* Biophysics

Selected publications:

* "Biospherics" Approach for Studies of Natural and Artificial Ecosystems' (with LA Somova), Advances in Space Research, vol 41, no 5, 2008, pp. 691-695.
* 'Host-Parasite Interactions in Closed and Open Microbial Cultivation System' (with TI Pisman), Advances in Space Research, vol 41, no 5, 2008, pp. 773-776.
* 'Quantitative Criteria for Estimation of Natural and Artificial Ecosystems Functioning', Space Life Sciences: Closed Ecological Systems: Earth and Space Applications, vol 35, no 9, pp. 1507-1511.
* 'Principles of Biological Adaptation of Organisms in Artificial Ecosystems to Changes of Environmental Factors' (with LA Somova and TI Pisman), Space Life Sciences: Closed Ecological Systems: Earth and Space Applications, vol 35, no 9, 2005, 1512-1515.
* 'Kinetic Characteristics of the Theoretical Ecosystems with Different Extent of Openness' (with YV Galayda, IM Shirobokova, et al.), Space Life Sciences: Closed Ecological Systems: Earth and Space Applications, vol 35, no 9, 2005, pp. 1516-1520.

Dr. Egor S. Zadereev

Dr. Vitalii Kovalenko Ph.D.
graduated from Tomsk State University, Russia, head of department of activation analysis at main isotopic laboratory in Krasnoyarsk region, 1961-1964; director of activation analysis laboratory with nuclear reactor at Norilsk mining-melting company, 1964-1970; head of group of nuclear geophysics in Magadan, Russia, North-East Geological Division; senior research specialist at Institute of Chemistry, Far East Branch of Academy of Sciences of USSR, 1981-1990; vice-director of East Siberian inter-regional radiology center, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 1990-2009; specialist-in-chief of Federal center “Priroda”, Krasnoyarsk, Russia, 2010; dotsent of biophysics department, SibFu, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Fields of expertise: nuclear-physical methods of element analysis, neutron-activation analysis of platinum group of metals, gamma-activation analysis of gold ore samples, natural and anthropogenic radiation in the environment, teaching radioecology and radioprotection

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