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08 July 2020
Defense of Master Thesis  

8th of July was a remarkable day - the Master programme "Biological Engineering" had come the end for our beloved international students: Nargiza Hamzaeva and Santiago Palacious - both of them have successfully defended their Master thesis.

We believe that it was an important day for both of them as it is quite stressful event on its own plus it was done online and it have added some worries as well. Nevertheless they managed to cope with the stress and technology and received their marks. During the online defense students presented the results of their work and proved that they have enough abilities and motivation for independent scientific work, also their received the feedback from the committee members. So it is the time when we say goodbye and wish them good luck in all of their endeavors.

Nargiza Hamzaeva defended her work on the topic of "Effect of dietary buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) on SIRT1 protein expression in Bisphenol A administered rats" scientific supervisor: Dr. Shubhra Pande.
Santiago Palacious defended his work on the topic of "Determination of probiotic efficiency using ATP bioluminescence" scientific supervisor: Rajeev Ranjan

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