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25 December 2017
Siberian Federal University became a co-organizer of a unique competition for foreign students Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project. The winners will be able to enter the Master's program of leading universities of Russia for free. Citizens of any foreign country, stateless persons and compatriots living abroad with a Bachelor's degree or completing a Bachelor's degree in 2018 can take part the competition.

15 June 2017
The Laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnology was founded in 2011 under the leadership of the Nobel Prize Laureate and the first Honorary SibFU Professor Osamu Shimomura (USA) and Academician I. Gitelzon. Under an agreement between SibFU and Russia’s Department for Education, one of the most famous scientists was to go to Russia in order to create and develop new scientific and educational laboratory at Siberian Federal University.

02 Oktober 2015
Science festival "Nauka 0+" will be held in Krasnoyarsk city from 2 to 4th of October. The main idea of this year is light. Siberian Federal University is one of the main partners in this upcoming event. This year organisators prepared various captivating events such as interactive displays and exhibits, lectures from Nobel prize winners, a lot of quizzes and so on. "Nauka 0+" means science for everybody so we invite you, your friends and your family to explore up-to-date discoveries in science. During these days feel free to visit factories, universities, different laboratories and other places which are connected to science because now they are "open" for everyone. Don't miss the chance to discover science because today is not boring as you might think. Take your chance to know more about light and make new friends.

09 September 2015
For one of our students these summer holidays weren't dreary. Tatiana Stepina had an unforgettable month in Kazan. As everybody knows from 24-th of July till 16-th of August Kazan hosted two magnificent international events: the 16-th FINA World Championships and 16-th FINA World Masters Championships. Athletes from 190 countries participated in six disciplines (water polo, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, swimming, diving and high-diving). Tatiana worked as a volunteer in FINA World Water Park, she and other 15 students from various universities and colleges spend 2 days travelling by train in order to reach Kazan. In the FINA Park they presented Krasnoyarsk city and had been telling others that our city is going to host Winter Universiade 2019. Tourists, athletes and local citizens were very excited after visiting the special tent "Universiade 2019". Volunteers had offered everyone to do a special triathlon consisting of laser shooting, aero hockey and table curling, after doing so they could make a selfie (or ask professional photographers to make a picture of them) in front of a special brand wall. Lucky visitors had a possibility a meet a mascot - U-laika and take a picture with him. Everyday volunteers from Krasnoyarsk organized special quizzez about history of Universiade, sport disciplines, famous athletes and sport competitions. Prizes varied from small souvenirs to real medals with U-laika. If by any reasons you missed the chance to explore Universiade 2019 - you can do so in Krasnoyarsk in Tatushev island where we have the similar tent. For whom Krasnoyarsk is a distant place to visit - they can join groups in Facebook or vkontakte (groups called the same way "Universiade 2019").

31 August 2015
Special gala meeting for all first year students will take place on Tuesday ( 1 st of September, 2015). During this meeting students will know each other and meet their professors. Also every freshman will get a special welcome package (where she/he is going to find important figures and curious information about university) and invitation to the evening event, the special theme of which is 'space'. Don't miss the chance to familiarize yourself with various performing groups and if you really like one of them - you can be a part of their team later on. We are waiting for you.

24 November 2014
This semester Master’s degree students of the Department of Biophysics first have a course "Modern equipment and methods for the study of biological systems" on the basis of laboratory of Bioluminescent Biotechnology of SibFU.

18 November 2014

23 Oktober 2014
Doctor of Science in Biology Setkov Nikilay Aleksandrovich has published incredible biological thesaurus “Anatomy of Biological Appellation”. The book is a vocabulary, containing lexical maximum of appellations and definitions of basic fields of biology and biomedicine.

The Center Support Grants of SibFU invites students of technical specialization to participate in a competitive selection for study in Czech Technological University in spring semester 2015. In framework of equivalent exchange the study is free of charge.

03 Oktober 2014
The foundation of strategic researches “Siberian club” with support of Siberian Federal University realize the contest of scientific papers of SibFU’s young scientist.

25 September 2014
International Conference «Humic Substances and Other Biologically Active Compounds in Agriculture» will take place from November 19 to November 23, 2014 at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.

XI International Congress of Hydrobiology took place at Siberian Federal University 22-26 September 2014.

09 September 2014
The famous scientist, molecular biologist Professor G. Gause is going to give some lectures for students and professors of SibFU and for everyone who is interested in latest achievements of biology and medicine. He is a great lector and popularizer of science; his interests are wide and you can see it on his web page . Professor G. Gause has never been in Krasnoyarsk and he does not know the system and level of education of biology students of SibFU; that is why he offers to students to choose lectures themes by themselves. Every student can choose the most interesting themes and even recommend his own!

01 September 2014
Dear students, we invite you to the gala meeting dedicated to the Day of Knowledge at the Institute of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology, which will take place on 1st September 2014 at 15.00. Address: prospect Svobodny 79.

The diploma delivery ceremony was on 22 July .

10 June 2014
A workshop regarding a startup of new network program “Biophysics” took place in Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University on May, 16.

04 June 2014
Siberian Federal University gives a scientific seminar within a framework of project providing by Institute of fundamental biology and biotechnology. The seminar is negotiated by professor, leading researcher of Vavilov Institute of general genetics of Russian Academy of Science, professor of Texas Agromechanical University (USA) and Ghetto University (Germany), leader of Laboratory of forest genomics of SibFU Konstantin V. Krutovskiy.

22 May 2014
Siberian Federal University (SibFU) offers International Semester Program -

30 November 2011
IFB@BT offers master's degree programs in Biology:

20 November 2010
Forming and development of the Siberian federal university is happening in the situation of historical separation in the system of education and science in Russia.

17 November 2010
The Institute of Basic Biology and Biotechnology started with the team of SFU and institutions of Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of Russian Academy of Sciences. This team was formed in 1999 after receiving a grant «Basic Research and Higher Education» of Russian-American program CRDF and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.

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