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18 April
Do you know when DNA was discovered? Let us help you - it happened on the April, 25 1953. We are inviting you the celebrate this important date with us. People from Biophysics deparment is going to organise a cool quiz about DNA and GMO (genetically modified organisms). Also there would a short lecture about gene editing techniques. Interesting topics, right? Everybody are welcome, don't worry - we will explain everything to you if you are new to this topic.

12 April
This year we have two international students at our School of Fundamental Biology and Biotechnology. Their names are Nargiza and Santiago. You might have met them in the hallways. We asked them about their experience at Siberian Federal University and what they said:

10 April
From 8 till 12 of April we are inviting you to become a blood donor. Before the the donation we will run a quick test and you will find out you blood type, Rh factor. Also, we will test for syphilis, hepatitis B and C, and HIV.

09 April
At 12, 19 and 26 of April you can help environment by bringing your waste paper, plastic bottles and batteries to the university campus. Our volunteers will be waiting for you at these locations during the indicated time:

25 December 2017
Siberian Federal University became a co-organizer of a unique competition for foreign students Open Doors: Russian Scholarship Project. The winners will be able to enter the Master's program of leading universities of Russia for free. Citizens of any foreign country, stateless persons and compatriots living abroad with a Bachelor's degree or completing a Bachelor's degree in 2018 can take part the competition.

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